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Welcome to CPCESU

WANTED: Your River, Stream, Riparian Restoration Project Records

We are soliciting information on river, stream, and riparian river restoration projects from all over the San Juan River Basin. If you are implementing such a project let us and others around the San Juan River Basin know about it. To publish a record of your river, stream, or riparian restoration project, please to make that arrangement.

About Colorado Plateau Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit

The Colorado Plateau Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit (CPCESU) is a cooperative network, transcending political and institutional boundaries, which creates innovative opportunities for research, education, and technical assistance in support of the management and stewardship by partner agencies of the Colorado Plateau's natural, cultural, and social resources. Currently the CPCESU consists of seven Federal agencies, 21 non-Federal institutions and non-government organizations, and the Navajo Nation.

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The CPCESU Portal for the
Conservation Registry

This website is the CPCESU’s doorway to the Conservation Actions Registry. It is a way for the CPCESU partners to enter and search for projects which were entered through this portal and that are within the geographical boundaries of what is recognized as the Colorado Plateau. Currently, this portal hosts the San Juan River Basin Stream, River, and Riparian Restoration Projects Database. This repository of projects was gathered through 2008-2009 and lists and maps many restoration projects in the basin. Check back on a regular basis as this database is updated regularly. In the near future a feature allowing for multiple partners to enter projects straight into the database will become available. At that point we will encourage all relevant parties to enter their projects making this database ever growing and updated.

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CPCESU Statistics

  • Last Update: Sun. Apr. 14, 2013
  • Number of Projects: 173
  • Number of Project Sites: 207
  • Conservation Actions: 333

What can you do from the
CPCESU portal?

CPCESU Portal Contact

Dr. Ron Hiebert

Director, CPCESU
Northern Arizona University
PO Box 5765
Flagstaff, AZ 86011-5765


Avi Henn

MS Candidate
Environmental Sciences and Policy
Northern Arizona University
Flagstaff, AZ 86011
Voice: 928-773-0322

What is a portal?

Conservation Registry users span the entire United States. To serve organizations that want data management tools at their fingertips, the Registry offers organizational portals. This dashboard view filters all data and functions to your projects. Browsing, searching or reporting—even additional data layers—can be customized to your specifications. To view your projects in context, the Registry home page is only a click away. for more information.